Sophistication and elegance

Olei Milano's excellent cuisine
Ristorante di pesce Milano

Creativity and quality


A unique place where the chef's art of cooking, Francesco Pontrelli, blends perfectly with the quality and freshness of the products, carefully chosen to be always presented in an exciting way and easy at the same time.
Pesce Ristorante di pesce Milano

A dive in a sea of emotions


It is thanks to the creativity of the chef, in fact, that the recipes we propose take shape, all in the name of refinement and excellence. Mostly fish-based cuisine, but ready to tickles the fantasy of all the palates, even the most demanding ones, like vegetarian menu lovers.

Let yourself be guided by your senses


Come to visit us, Olei is a seafood restaurant in Milan, we will going to cuddle you with unique delicacies designed to surprise your taste!


Ristorante Olei


A tribute to the Mediterranean tradition

Crossroad of cultures, flavors, aromas, sounds and evocations ... all this is preserved in the millennial history of Mediterranean cuisine and our intent is homage it with our kitchen. The essence of our philosophy is enclosed in the name that we wanted to give to our restaurant: Olei, or the oil as the Latins called it . Oil is an indispensable element of our recipes, an emblem of naturalness and prosperity. Get ready to experience a sensory experience that goes beyond just tasting. From Olei you can delight yourself, savoring one of our delicacies, accompanied by a good glass of wine.

If you look for the difference, you're in the right place


Lunch Bistrot

The idea of the Lunch Bistrot is launched in April 2014 to offer our customers a young solution through a simplier menu more accessible to everyone, where the quality is undisputed, far from the fast-food proposition.Take advantage of your lunch break to discover our bistro lunch service. For a fast lunch or for a little break at noon, come visit us! We will offer you a cut menu based on a fast break at really good prices!
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