Ristorante Olei Milano

The chef

The culinary art of chef Francesco Pontrelli meets the creativity of his collaborators, creating a team of friends, whose goal is to satisfy all the most demanding palates. Mainly cuisine based on fish ,but able to satisfies the meat lovers and of vegetarian recipes. The chef was born in Pompeii in 1975; He has worked with internationally renowned restaurants, such as Lorenzo at Forte dei Marmi, Celestina ai Parioli in Rome and Armani in New York. Thanks to the knowledge of Campania recipes, Francesco is constantly searching for new ingredients of the highest excellence to create his artistic dishes that are always exciting and at the same time simple and genuine.

Our origins


Ristorante Olei


Our origins


In the name of our restaurant is enclosed our culinary tradition: Olei or "olive juice"; a reminder of how the Latins called the olive oil , a symbol of purity, naturalness and exaltation of flavors. It is no coincidence that it is one of the oldest and richest ingredients in our cuisine, and we propose to give it a tribute to the Mediterranean tradition, versatile in its mix of aromas, sounds and tastes.
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Our staff


A unique place where the freshness and quality of the products are inextricably linked with the professionalism and the wisely of the staff of Ristorante Olei in Milano, always ready to warmly welcome all those who decide to give you a peek.
Staff a lavoro

Sobriety at the reach of everyone


The Olei Restaurant was born in September 2013, located in Washington 20 Street, in a beautiful boulevard of the cosmopolitan city, but not crowded with the chaos of the movida. Due to its location, Olei is also convenient for those who stay in Milan for work-related reasons; it is in fact close to the big hotels and the fairgrounds. It is the ideal place, refined but at the same time sober, where to spend a cheerful evening with friends or intimacy, in the company of your partner. If you are looking for privacy, the restaurant also has a private lounge.